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Know Your Target Series - Direct Mail Marketing for Makeup Artists

Know Your Target Series - Direct Mail Marketing for Makeup Artists


When it comes to marketing, some of the old ways are still viable and productive options. Direct mailing isn't dead. In fact, it's more alive than ever. Nowadays it is our email inboxes that are filled with junk not so much our snail mail boxes. Receiving a letter or a postcard is more of a thoughtful novelty these days. So do not underestimate the power of direct mail.

Targeted Direct Mail for your Makeup Business

Ours is a finicky business. Our clients want to connect with us before they hire us. We provide a personal service, no matter what lane of makeup artistry you are driving in. First impressions matter in a Makeup Artist's business. Photographers, directors, producers, and wedding planners want to know that you will care about their production/event/wedding as much as they do. Direct mailing shows that you took the time and effort to reach out to them. It could tip the scale in your favor the next time they need a makeup artist. That special touch can sometimes get lost in email and social media marketing.

Who should I mail?

Now is the time to sit down, crack your knuckles at your keyboard and dive deep into your client list. You will need to collect the names and addresses (grab their phone number while you're at it) of your current clients and potential clients.  AKA the people who hire you. You should be able to collect most of this information off of the internet manually if you do not already have it. Yes, this will take time, but it will pay off.

So what should I mail?   


Creating beautiful postcards AKA  composite cards are just as important today as they were ten years ago. Mailing out a tangible beautifully printed piece of your portfolio is still a super smart thing to do.  However, you have to be just as targeted with your direct mailing as you are with your social media marketing. Direct mailing is an investment you shouldn't skimp on. Our clientele knows and understands quality imagery. I would encourage you to spend a little extra money on getting a nicely printed marketing materials. You can still use affordable printers like Vistaprint,  just be sure to select a higher quality printing method and paper stock.


When should I mail out my marketing materials?

Consistency is key in your marketing efforts period. You can mail out introduction cards and updates of your new work on a  regular basis. I recommend quarterly at the very least. Direct mailing along with your digital marketing is a recipe for success. Mixing a bit of old marketing with new marketing will boost your business for sure!

Happy mailing! Mary RC

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