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3 Tips to Not Get Taken Advantage of as a New Makeup Artist

3 Tips to Not Get Taken Advantage of as a New Makeup Artist

3 Tips to Not Get Taken Advantage of as a New Makeup Ar

Are you a new makeup artist looking to assist in order to learn more about set etiquette, the business, and technique? Are you starved for experience and willing to take whatever makeup opportunity comes your way?  That is a great attitude to have my gingerbread friend. Please continue to stay sweet, but beware the Leary Fox!!!

Here are 3 tips to not get taken advantage of as a budding makeup artist.

Say no to exposure makeup artist

TIP #1:  Beware of “Working For Exposure”

The right exposure definitely has value to your career. If the job will Expose YOUR work and credit to a large audience or an audience that will hire you, then it may be worth the sweat equity. But if the job is for a no name, no reputation, big fat nobody then NO GO! They’re looking for a sucker!  Be sure to research producers, production companies, and projects/productions you have never heard of.  Chances are if they do not show up on Google, they never will.

TIP #2:  Beware of Assisting for FREE. 

Assisting the right mentor is key to elevating your career.  A good mentor will take the time to show you the ropes, talk you through set etiquette and explain the what where how and why things happen the way they do. If you’re assisting someone and all you are doing is fetching coffee and cleaning makeup brushes your so-called mentor is taking advantage of you. Some bad mentors have also been known to make their assistants do all the work and take all the credit.  Run from these people.

TIP #3: Beware of Bad Photographers

There are just as many bad makeup artists (people with makeup) as there are bad photographers (people with cameras). Be sure to understand and study good photography and photoshop. Stay away from unpaid shoots or concepts that are not book-worthy (example: fetish, boudoir, nudes, glam).   


There are plenty of wonderful projects out there worth your precious time, energy, and makeup.  Just remember to know what you are getting yourself into and work SMARTER, not HARDER!

Happy Out-Foxing! – Mary RC

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