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How to Avoid Makeup Business Downtime Blues

How to Avoid Makeup Business Downtime Blues


So you’re not working and the calendar is empty. What the heck? Right! It’s stressful for sure. Now is not the time to do what most of us do. Freak out! You are not the only one who sits around wondering if all of your clients hate you. If you’re not good enough. If you did something wrong. If somebody is talking trash about you. Yes, we all think of these horrible things when we are not working. What you really need to do at this time is be productive, positive and proactive.

Here are four things you can do to get your mind out of the gutters that may topple you into the Makeup Business Blues.


1. Reflect and research. Go through all of the jobs you have done in the last few months, or up to a year if you have not done this recently. Grab your old invoices, make a list of the gigs you’ve done and do some multi media content research on your computer or on your phone. Look for images that you may not have come across before. Something that you can use in social media posts or perhaps on your portfolio if it’s good enough. You may be surprised what you can find even if you have already searched a job before. I recently found a smoldering image of Jude Law from a time we worked together more than 10 years ago. It was nowhere to be found when I looked for images back then. But now I have a great shot I found all these years later.


2. Follow up! Now is a great time for you to reach back and follow up with clients you have worked with or perhaps clients you are pursuing. Sending cards is a lost art, and it has far more mileage than a quick social media hello. But if all you have time to do is send DM, then just do it. Even if you just say hi to someone you haven’t worked with in a long time doesn’t hurt to get back on their radar.


3. Tweak and update your bio. When was the last time you wrote your biography or your about me page on your website? Well now is a good time to do a little digging and see what advice you can find from today’s hot marketers regarding writing a great bio. Trends and strategies change just about as quick as a baby’s diaper these days. It’s always a good idea to have a fresh biography page. And not only that, the change will alert Google that your site has new content and it can improve it’s ranking in their search engine.


4. Lunch it up! Now is a great time to reach out to your peers in your market and schedule a luncheon with them. Building friendships in your market is one of the best things that you can do for your business. Really you should do it for yourself, it’s more meaningful that way. I find when I am with my fellow peers my heart is full and I feel better about my business. Evidently, when I feel better about my business my business somehow improves. The universe recognizes my good vibes. But please go into this with the intention of building a long lasting relationship, not trying to get work from someone. Be good please.

So stop sitting around waiting for your phone to ring, or an email to come through with a job. Put out good energy and get busy with these four tips and you’ll be back to work before before you know it.

Have fun! Mary RC

Only YOU can make your Makeup dream happen….

Only YOU can make your Makeup dream happen….